“I was able to watch the students in this music accelerator program show up at 8:15 in the morning on a daily basis, ready to learn and were completely engaged for over 3 hours, as some of the most successful and influential leaders in the entertainment industry poured into them. The students were able to learn about publishing, management & branding, distribution, marketing, tour routing & talent buying and even participate in a focus group for an upcoming release from an artist signed to a major label. Three weeks of nonstop action.

I met some incredible artists, rappers, singer/songwriters, managers, producers who will definitely make their mark in this industry. Not only through the paid internships that
follow this program, but we will continue to work directly with all of these students to ensure they are equipped with all they need to succeed.

This was an incredible first step, of which many BMAC will take with those in Nashville dedicated to racial, social and economic justice. We are grateful for the partnership with Dr. Crawford, Wasserman Music, RIAA, Youtube Music and Nashville Music Equality and Tennessee State University.” – Willie “Prophet” Stiggers, co- founder/co-chair of BMAC


Curating a unique and exclusive offering

Tennessee State University students experienced a three-week, intensive look into the industry from the lens of music industry leaders and executives


Key Highlights include:

  • Students established mentorship relationships with guest speakers, program planners and are now members of SOLID Nashville – establishing long-term mentorship opportunities with industry leaders
  • Students were able to attend Nashville music institutions, including Wasserman Nashville, Warner, CMHOF and NMAAM
  • 15 of the 17 students securing internships after class experience


Achieving Industry Buy-in and Involvement

A total of 28 guest speakers traveled across the country to speak with and educate the students about the industry and career paths


“The Music Business Accelerator course was a one-of-a-kind learning experience that exposed students to successful music professionals. Whether having guests in the classroom, or visiting a music related company, the course provided real-time and real-live information that have enabled the students to see their future careers as a tangible goal and not an ambiguous dream. This course provided inspiration, calculation, and anticipation of things to come!”

Dr. Mark Crawford Professor of Music and Coordinator of Commercial Music, Tennessee State University

“The level of passion and focus I saw at the accelerator program gave me so much hope and excitement for the future of the music industry. I was so impressed with these students, and I’m honored that I was given the opportunity to share wisdom that they’ll carry throughout their journey.”

Tina Davis EMPIRE

“I am truly honored to come speak with a live audience of music lovers at Tennessee State University. The Music Accelerator Program is an incredible resource for aspiring young creatives, a program I would have loved to be a part of when I was starting out on my music journey, so I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to share what I’ve learned and to help in any way that I can.”

Dre London

"The Tennessee State students were incredible. I could tell the future of the music business was in the room by how intently they listened to each of us. This program is special!”

Tuma Basa Director of Black Music & Culture, Youtube Music

"The Tennessee State students were incredible. I could tell the future of the music business was in the room by how intently they listened to each of us. This program is special!”

Tuma Basa Director of Black Music & Culture, Youtube Music

"It was a breath of fresh air to be a part of this program and give these students access and knowledge about the music industry. Realizing that a lot of them don't know where to start or what the entry point is, it's all the more important to play a role in helping them achieve their goals or create new ones by showing them what's possible."

Callender Vice President, Wasserman Music

"It was truly an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to share my story, knowledge, and experiences in the music business with the amazing students and future music executives at the Music Accelerator Program at Tennessee State University. My personal goal was to show young black aspiring creatives that a career in music business is attainable at the highest levels. The students were smart, engaged, and fun! Thank you to everyone involved"!

Marcus Johnson Goldenvoice / AEG

“Tennessee State University has always had talented and hard-working students, and they deserve the same access to opportunities in the music industry as their contemporaries at local PWIs. I loved being able to share my experience and story with them, and I have faith that these students will go on to do great things in this industry. I’m grateful to RIAA and BMAC for the chance to connect with the class and give back to the next generation of leaders.”


“LVRN supports BMAC and Wasserman Music Accelerator Program at Tennessee State University. We all started very young in this business and are forever grateful to those that invested time into developing us as executives. We believe we have a responsibility to pay it forward and invest in the next generation of young leaders and this program is the perfect opportunity.”

Amber Grimes EVP and GM of LVRN

“Being a part of this program has been an amazing experience and an important first step to bringing more voices to the table. These students are incredibly talented and I believe they are the future of the music industry. We have all learned a lot from the speakers and each other and I look forward to partnering on more intentional efforts to bring opportunities like this to more students.”

Jackie Jones Artist and Industry Relations, RIAA

"BMAC x Wasserman Music's program presented plentiful knowledge and access to the industry's next group of leaders and young professionals. Being of service to these extremely bright Tennessee State University students was an inimitable experience. Their fresh creativity, sharp minds, and attitude towards learning resonated with all of us. I'm thankful to be a part of their journey and believe they will be instrumental in our business in the years to come."

Mallory Smith Manager, Brand Partnerships, Wasserman Music

“The magnitude of this program is so important for our Tennessee State University students who have been historically shut out of access and opportunities within our music landscape here in Nashville, TN. On behalf of Nashville Music Equality and the Nashville Promise Zone, I couldn’t be more proud and inspired to see the number of Black Music Executives this program will produce. And to have this happen at Tennessee State University is absolutely amazing!” -

Brian Sexton Nashville Music Equality Community Chair / Nashville Promise Zone Manager


Students found significant value in offering

In a post-program survey, we learned the experience not
only exposed the students to areas of the music business
they were not privy to, but also inspired them to lean in
deeper into their own areas of passion.

“This class definitely reignited a fire I thought I lost. Being able to be hands on with the industry I want to be in and not just hearing about it in a classroom set my mind into work- mode.”

“Experiencing that level of impact in one room was insane. The gems that they both gave was something you can’t get out of a book.”

“This is just one of the few (if not, the only) program that gives you a fullspectrum of speakers who touch every part of the industry. That is crucial for us to learn, regardless of what part of the music industry you’re interested in.”

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